The Plant-Care Professionals
Our mission at Lucky Garden has through the years been guided by one unflagging principle ie. ' to listen attentively to our client's needs'. Staffed with skilled landscape professionals with a combined experience of 25 years in the industry, we have forged and implemented a unique maintenance programme to be found only at our centre ie.

besides providing the basic maintenance services and consultancy, we take it upon ourselves to " educate " our clients on aspects of landscape maintenance, from tips on plant care to the maintenance regime of a koi pond, all at no additional charge ! We have no doubt been blessed through the years with the generosity and support of our loyal clients, and we feel that this is a milestone gesture in returning that generosity in kind to all our customers

Strategies that banks on experience

The plant care professional

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Nurturing the future

No task is too big or small for us

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No task is too big or small for us
We have recently embarked on yet another unique programme which we have dubbed the plant clinic. " We aim to establish mini plant-care centres throughout the island at all our established maintenance sites to ensure easy accessibility and convenience for all our customers to tend to their ailing plants and obtain invaluable tips from our friendly horticultural officers on duty, all at no added cost !

We believe that with our network of such plant- clinics in place, we firmly believe that we will be able to pass on beneficial costs savings hitherto unheard of in the maintenance industry. Moreover, we will be well placed in proposing and implementing requisite periodic landscape upgrading works to your site, using materials propagated from your very own garden, at very nominal costs ! We would like to share our ideas with you . CALL US NOW !!!
MPN - Mini  Plant Nurseries
Mini Plant Nurseries ( MPN ) will be implemented at every maintenance site at least one stationed gardener at hand.

Trained Horticultural Officer ( H. O. ) will follow closely, monitoring every maintenance site and make recommendations accordingly on the types and numbers of plants to propagate. A back-up team will enhance and reinforce all our ongoing maintenance programmes with competent supervisory staff. Our service oriented H.O.S are given the privilege of liaising closely with your MCST by e-mail or whatever means possible or convenient. Mini Plant Nurseries ( MPN ) programme utilises plant material on site which is propagated and grown for future upgrading purposes. Optimal utilisation of available resources.

Propagating the goodness of greenery

Mini plant care

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Creating soothing and serene environment

Professional Designer

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Professional Designer
We propose to organise with the MCST quarterly ( 3 monthly ) workshops / seminars at their function rooms on plant care tips, the art of interiorscape etc..

Our in-house Professional Designer is available to render consultancy services at no additional charges !
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